How to Use The Free Press Website

To view the current edition of The Free Press, simply click on the image of the front page.

Click on the arrows on the right- and left-hand edges of the pages to turn the page to the next spread.

To read something, simply hover your cursor over the article on the page so the title appears like this. Then click on it.

The article will appear in a new window so it can be easily read. You can share it to Facebook, Twitter, email and print.

To get a link to the article, click to email it to yourself and copy the link out of the email.

To return to the homepage of the website, click on your browser’s back arrow.

How to access The Free Press archives

To get to the archives, begin by viewing the current edition in the digital edition viewing platform.

Then click on the main menu icon to expand the menu and see the options.

Click on the Archive Menu item. That will show you thumbnails of the recent editions.

Click on the thumbnail image of the edition you are looking for to view in the digital edition viewing platform.