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The Free Press, a free weekly tabloid, has been providing midcoast Maine with community news and shopping, dining and entertainment information since 1985.

The Free Press is an indispensable guide to what is going on in the region. Our return rate of less than two percent is a testament to the gratifyingly wide popularity of this newspaper.

In addition to covering local and regional issues and events, The Free Press, through its columnists and letter writers, serves as a forum on local, regional, statewide, national and, yes, even international issues. And, The Free Press calendar is, hands down, the most comprehensive guide to what’s going on in the midcoast to be found anywhere.

Regular Writers & Columnists for The Free Press

Georgeanne Davis has been writing for The Free Press since 1995. A member of the Garden Writers of America, she writes a weekly home and garden column and on art, architecture, the environment and other subjects. A longtime resident of Tenants Harbor, she now lives on Vinalhaven.

Eva Murray moved to Matinicus Island in 1987 to teach in the one-room school. Two years later she married the island electrician and stayed to raise their family there. Over the years she has started a small bakery, become an emergency medical technician, taken on a number of roles in municipal government and volunteer organizations, started the community’s recycling program, and been a first responder to emergencies both real and imagined. Since 2003 she’s also been a regular columnist for several mainland publications. Eva bakes bread in a wood stove, spins wool, digs potatoes, collects useful herbs, cuts hay with a scythe and swings a blacksmith’s hammer. (Not surprisingly, she sometimes writes her articles with pencil and paper.)

Michael G. Roskin earlier worked as a newsman and foreign service officer. He earned a doctorate at American University in 1972 and taught political science at Lycoming College in Pennsylvania until retiring in 2008. He’s had Fulbrights in Yugoslavia, France and China and was a visiting professor from 1991 through ’94 at the U.S. Army War College. The author of textbooks on political science, comparative politics and international relations, he divides his year between Nashville and Rockland.

Judith Hatch Orme, MSW, LCSW, has an office at 69 Elm Street in Camden. A parenting specialist, counselor, consultant, and family mediator, she provides workshops; teacher trainings; parenting consulting; counseling for children, parents, couples and families; and divorce mediation. She also works part-time at the Knox County Health Clinic in Rockland as the mental health and wellness coordinator. To schedule appointments or customize a workshop/staff training, contact her at 603-801-6382 or email [email protected].

Stephen Harder is a resident of Rockport, teaching law for part of each year in Shanghai.

Patrisha McLean is a photojournalist living in Camden. Visit her at patrishamclean.com. She is the founder and president of Finding Our Voices, a grassroots, survivor-powered, Camden-based nonprofit organization breaking the silence of domestic abuse. For more information, visit findingourvoices.net.

Nathan Kroms Davis is an erratically charming Rockland City Councilor.

Jim Bahoosh has been a solo house builder and designer since 1984. He lives in Unity.