The contested race between Larry Pritchett and Frank Isganitis for Rockland City Council rested on three votes on election night, with Isganitis in the lead.

Pritchett asked to inspect ballots on Monday, November 15 at the City Council Chambers and, according to Rockland City Clerk Stuart Sylvester who oversaw the inspection, Pritchett counted the ballots and declared that he had won the election by six votes, 1139 - 1133.

"Larry Pritchett will request a formal recount and it will be scheduled within the next five days," said Sylvester. The inspection does not count as an official recount.

Two seats were open on the Council. William Clayton secured one seat, with 1,194 votes. Until the results of the official recount are announced, Frank Isganitis is the councilor-elect for the second seat.

"We checked with the Maine Municipal Association and followed their guidance," said Sylvester. They recommended that Isganitis be confirmed and the mayor elected.

The City Council that was seated before the November 2 election will oversee the Pritchett-Isganitis recount, said Sylvester.