Jackson Memorial Library in Tenants Harbor will host an exhibition titled “Go Fish: The Art of Hand-Tied Lures,” featuring work by artists Maryfaith Morison and Cade Nickels, May 13–June 29.

Morison is a founding member of Press Hard, a printmaking collective, and a member of the Waterfall Arts collaborative. At Waterfall Arts, she teaches classes in intaglio etching. Her current work is abstracted from nature and examines themes of the fragility of life and the repetition of certain structures throughout diverse life forms.

Nickels is known as a fly tyer and fisherman. He champions fish native to Maine and advocates for keeping waterways hospitable and open to endangered fish species.

Sale proceeds will benefit the library’s community programs.

For more information, visit jacksonmemoriallibrary.org or call 372-8961.