Schooner Cove Retirement Community, 35 Schooner Street (on the LincolnHealth-Miles Campus), Damariscotta, will host a free public talk by Mark Biscoe, “Explosive Personalities in Waldoboro Shipbuilding and Adventures on the Five-Master Cora Cressey,” on Thursday, January 23, at 1 p.m.

Biscoe will discuss two chapters in the history of shipbuilding in Waldoboro: First, George Welt’s attempts to revive wooden shipbuilding in town, his courting of William Palmer, a Massachusetts schoolteacher turned businessman, and the evolution of their efforts, beginning in 1900. Next, inexperienced Harvard student Russel Seaver’s adventures working onboard the five-masted schooner Cora Cressey in 1928.

For more information, phone 563-5523.