October 22: Denali, a New York–based tug, arrived in Searsport from Portland, cargo unknown — Denali is a frequent visitor to Searsport and typically delivers ethanol. It departed later that day for New York.

October 26: Great Eastern, a 600-foot Irving Oil tanker, arrived in Searsport from Portsmouth, N.H., and delivered 45,000 barrels of gasoline. It departed October 28 for Saint John, N.B.

Tug Angus, a tug towing a dry bulk cargo barge, arrived in Belfast from Boston, cargo unknown. On October 28, it made a round-trip to Winterport, returned to Belfast, then departed on November 3, returning to Boston.

October 28: 

La Madonna, a tug with an empty deck barge, arrived in the area from Fourchon, La., and anchored near Searsport. The Louisiana–based boat has made several tripsto the area to pick up prefabricated refinery modules from Cianbro in Brewer, bound for an undisclosed facility in Pennsylvania. It picked up the loaded barge on November 3 and departed for the mouth of the Mississippi River.

Expected Arrivals

November 6 — Noreaster, to Searsport from Saint John, N.B., delivering 110,000 barrels of gasoline, 65,000 barrels of No. 2 heating oil, 25,000 barrels of summer diesel and 45,000 barrels of winter diesel.

November 7 — Lowlands Mimosa, to Searsport from Alexandria, Egypt, delivering 55,000 tons of salt.

November 12 — Roland A. Falgout, to Brewer from Fourchon, La., delivering an empty deck barge to Cianbro’s Eastern Manufacturing Facility. For more information, see the October 28 entry above.