In an election that will likely shift control of the Maine Senate to Republicans, the party's own leader, Sen. Mike Thibodeau of Winterport, is in the midst of a close race against Democratic challenger Jonathan Fulford of Monroe. As of 5 p.m. on Wednesday, with 25 of the 26 towns in Waldo County reporting, Thibodeau is currently leading Fulford by 61 votes, with a current tally of 8,898 to 8,837 and results still to be released by Prospect.

Up until recently, it appears that Thibodeau did not expect a difficult race, as he only raised about $9,000 for his own campaign. That's about $16,000 less than Fulford received in public financing as a Clean Elections candidate. Following an internal poll done in early September on his race, Thibodeau reported raising an additional $5,500 in funds.

With one of the most organized grassroots campaigns in Waldo County in many years, Fulford reportedly knocked on 8,443 doors in the district while his campaign staff knocked on 4,503 doors and made 1,418 calls in support of the candidate.

In recent weeks, Thibodeau became the target of a TV ad buy by the Washington D.C.-based Every Voice Maine, a PAC devoted to "strengthening Maine's landmark Clean Election Act" which spent over $58,000 on an ad attacking Thibodeau for taking $50,000 in donations from pharmaceutical companies for his leadership PAC and then "voting their way time after time." The Maine Democratic Party also spent about $18,000 in ads opposing Thibodeau and supporting Fulford.