According to an announcement last Friday from USDA Rural Development, the City of Rockland is receiving $2.7 million for sewer upgrades. The funding comes in the form of a USDA Rural Development Wastewater Disposal Direct Loan of $2,438,500 and Grant of $261,500.

Scheduled upgrades to the system include replacement, rehabilitation, and new installations within the City of Rockland, including Park Street, Park Street to Main Street interceptor line, Limerock Street, Clarendon Street, Ulmer Street, Rankin Street, Brewster Street, Maverick Street, Admontem Avenue/Summer Street interceptor line, Upper Pleasant Street and Thorndike parking area. Portions of Rockland's sewer system are old and constructed of pipe materials that are substandard, compared to materials used today.

In the statement from USDA, Rockland City Manager Rosemary Kulow says, "The City of Rockland is very grateful to USDA Rural Development for these project funds, as they will not only help improve Rockland's environment by eliminating waste water overflow and replacing inadequate and worn out sewer system infrastructure, but the additional funding through the grant helps reduce the financial burden on local property taxpayers. In these challenging economic times, municipalities and their citizens can use all the financial assistance they can get, especially when it comes to the expensive replacement of old, worn out utility infrastructure. We're excited to begin correcting the problem issues that this project addresses."