Collins: “Cause for Alarm”—

U.S. Senator Susan Collins made the following statement on Monday, March 13, after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its cost estimate for the House replacement bill:

“The CBO estimate that millions of Americans could lose their health insurance coverage if the House bill were to become law is cause for alarm. It should prompt the House to slow down and reconsider certain provisions of the bill.

This is an extremely important debate with significant implications for millions of Americans. We need to spend the time necessary to get this right.

I also urge my colleagues in both houses to take a look at the legislation I have introduced with Senator Bill Cassidy, which would expand access to health care coverage, rather than contract it.”

King: “This Bill Is Going to Cost Someone You Know Their Health Insurance”—

In response to the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of the effects of the proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act, U.S. Senator Angus King released the following statement on Monday, March 13:

“We knew all along this was a bad bill. The CBO’s score confirms it. Fourteen million people will lose their health insurance next year under this proposal — and 24 million will lose it by 2026. Look around at your friends, your neighbors, your family and your loved ones. This bill is going to cost someone you know their health insurance.

 I hope this report will be a wake-up call to those who are breathlessly pushing this misguided proposal forward, and I make a plea to them — on behalf of the tens of millions of Americans who will be hurt by this bill — abandon this approach and let’s work together to fix the Affordable Care Act.”

Pingree: “Robin Hood in Reverse”—

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree released the following statement in response to the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate that the Republican ACA repeal bill will cause 14 million Americans to lose health care access immediately, 24 million by 2026, and cause premiums to rise by 15 to 20 percent:

“The Republican health care plan is Robin Hood in reverse. It’s a huge tax cut for the wealthy at the expense of older and lower-income Americans, who will face increased costs and other barriers to care. It’s unthinkable that the House will consider passing a bill that not only drops 14 million Americans from coverage immediately, but could increase premiums by 20 percent. By advancing this harmful bill, Republicans have demonstrated that the physical, mental, and financial well-being of millions of Americans is secondary to delivering tax cuts to the wealthy.”

Poliquin: “Carefully Reviewing These Reports”—

Representative Bruce Poliquin’s office responded on March 15 with the following statement:

“ObamaCare is failing. In fact, the CEO of Anthem — one of only three Maine insurers — sent a letter to House leaders describing just how urgent it is for Congress to act on repealing and replacing the current health care law. Congress must act to fix it.

This bill put forward in the House is the first step — just the beginning — in that process. Just like other Members of Congress, state officials, or Maine citizens, I might have drafted this new plan a bit differently. I have long proposed my own written list of 14 free-market solutions toward a replacement. As I’ve previously stated, I’m encouraged by the inclusion of provisions retaining coverage for those with pre-existing health conditions and the option for young adults to stay on their parents’ policies so they can become established in the workforce.

Finding a solution to our Nation’s health care problems and the replacement of this law will take time.

I certainly understand that many Mainers are anxious right now about what these numbers could mean for them, and so I am carefully reviewing these reports and will work with all parties — Democrats and Republicans — to put forward the best solutions to our Nation’s health care challenges.”