Local hams from the Lincoln County Amateur Radio Club and Lincoln County Amateur Radio Team will host an evening of information on the excitement and benefits of amateur radio at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, October 17, at the Jefferson Fire and Rescue Station, 204 Waldoboro Road (Route 32), Jefferson. Everyone is welcome to attend. About 175 hams in Lincoln County now hold their FCC-issued license, about 4,500 throughout Maine and over 750,000 nationwide, with about three million radio amateurs worldwide. For most hams, amateur radio is about communicating with friends, or with new contacts nearby or across the globe. It may involve mountain-topping, contesting, mobile operating, chasing DX (distant stations), testing equipment, satellite communications, bouncing radio signals off of the moon, or just sharing daily life experiences with others. In Lincoln County a Ham Emergency Team was formed to assist the Emergency Management Agency coordinator in the event of abnormal communication disruption.