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Thursday, October 1, 2020
  • Magic City in the Wilderness, Part 1
    Something large and heavy stumbled on the steep slope in the forest below. I couldn't see it and by the time I parted the bushes and my eyes adjusted to the twilit gloom beneath the trees, it would be long gone. It was probably just a dead tree falling, anyway. It was very hot. . . .
  • Changing Values in the North Woods, Part 2
    After I pushed back the mountain laurel and walked into the permanent twilight of the woods, I stopped to let my eyes adjust to the gloom. The woof that I had heard a few moments before wasn't repeated . . .
  • The Challenge of Rising From the Rubble, Part 3
    "I should have put a lien on Cate Street, myself," said Stu Kallgren, president of the local United Steelworkers union, when he learned last week that the East Millinocket paper mill was going on the auction block for unpaid bills. Cate Street, the mill's owners, owed Kallgren back pay, too. . . .
  • Magic City, Part 4 - A Boom Town in The County, a New Magic City
    Bob Moscone was going to be late. October 2 would turn into a glorious 70-degree Indian summer day with the maples flaming orange in peak fall splendor set against a backdrop . . .
  • Magic City Through the Looking Glass, Part 4 Additional
    The walk-through is the last part of the real estate transaction before the buyer puts down a signature and money changes hands. It's the final check to see if anything has been missed before a new owner takes possession...Given its hardships, what would motivate someone to buy real estate in Millinocket, I?wondered. And what would they get for their money?
  • Magic City Through the Looking Glass, Part 5
    On Monday, East Millinocket voters turned out to say no (320-191) for the second time in four years to allowing a review process of a proposal to establish a national park and recreation area on 150,000 acres . . .
  • Magic City Through the Looking Glass, Part 6
    Realtor Dan Corcoran pulled his Chevy truck up in front of the small house buried behind thigh-high snowdrifts on Snob Hill just as his phone rang. . . .
  • Magic City Through the Looking Glass, Part 7
    I was pondering the idea of Millinocket shedding its old identity as a company town and embracing a new identity as a frontier town at the foot of the Great North Woods, as realtor Dan Corcoran headed his Chevy truck back up Central Street to the North Woods Real Estate office.
  • National Park, Yes? No? Maybe It’s the Wrong Question, Part 8
    We banked the coals in the woodstove at Big Spring Brook Cabin, strapped on our snowshoes and set off up an old logging road through 14 inches of fresh snow into the heart of a large tract of forestland that may or may not become Maine’s newest national park or monument.