Just Released December 10 —

R/Drama/Dir: Quentin Tarantino (Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie) In 1969 Los Angeles, everything is changing, as TV star Rick Dalton and his longtime stunt double Cliff Booth make their way around an industry they hardly recognize anymore. Multiple storylines pay a tribute to the final moments of Hollywood’s golden age.

Recent Releases —

PG/Family/Dir: Guy Ritchie (Will Smith, Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott) The exciting tale of the charming street rat Aladdin, the courageous and self-determined Princess Jasmine and the Genie who may be the key to their future. A live action version of the animated Disney classic.

BLINDED BY THE LIGHT PG-13/Comedy/Dir: Gurinder Chadha (Viveik Kalra, Kulvinder Ghir, Meera Ganatra) A British teen of Pakistani descent writes poetry to escape the intolerance of his hometown and the inflexibility of his traditional father. When a classmate introduces him to the music of Bruce Springsteen, he discovers an outlet for his pent-up dreams.

THE FAREWELL PG/Comedy, Drama/ Dir: Lulu Wang (Awkwafina, Tzi Ma, Diana Lin) Originally a segment on “This American Life,” “The Farewell” tells the true story of a benign lie and its effects. Chinese-born, U.S.-raised Billi returns to China with her family to see her grandmother, ill with cancer, for the last time. However, her family members are determined not to reveal this and tell the matriarch they are coming for a wedding.

THE GOLDFINCH R/Drama/Dir: John Crowley (Oakes Fegley, Ansel Elgort, Nicole Kidman) A boy in New York is taken in by a wealthy family after his mother is killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Adapted from the Pulitzer Prize­–winning novel by Donna Tartt.

LUCE R/Drama, Mystery/Dir: Julius Onah (Naomi Watts, Octavia Spencer, Kelvin Harrison, Jr.) An all-star high school athlete and accomplished debater, Luce is a poster boy for the new American Dream as are his parents, who adopted him from a war-torn country a decade earlier. When Luce’s teacher makes a shocking discovery in his locker his stellar reputation is called into question. But is he really at fault, or is Ms. Wilson preying on dangerous stereotypes?

OPHELIA PG-13/Drama/Dir: Claire McCarthy (Daisy Ridley, Naomi Watts, Clive Owen) No longer relegated to the role of “Hamlet’s girlfriend,” Ophelia gets a film — and complex story — of her own. As a rebellious, motherless child, Ophelia is taken in by Queen Gertrude as one of her most trusted ladies-in-waiting. She soon captures the affections of the young Prince Hamlet. When Hamlet’s father is murdered and the prince’s wits begin to unravel, Ophelia navigates the rules of power while struggling to choose between her true love and her own life.

RED JOAN R/Drama/Dir: Trevor Nunn (Judi Dench, Sophie Cookson) In a picturesque village in England, Joan Stanley lives in contented retirement. Her tranquil existence is shattered as she’s shockingly arrested by MI5. Would you betray your country and your loved ones if it meant saving them? What price would you pay for peace? Inspired by an extraordinary true story.

ROCKETMAN R/Biography/Dir: Dexter Fletcher (Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, Richard Madden) Reginald Kenneth “Reggie” Dwight started out as a shy, polite child, took music lessons as a teenager, and ultimately became Elton John. The biopic follows John’s dramatic transformation into an international superstar. Actor Taron Egerton has received high praise for his portrayal, including singing all the iconic songs.

WHERE’D YOU GO, BERNADETTE? PG-13/Comedy, Drama/Dir: Richard Linklater (Cate Blanchett, Billy Crudup, Laurence Fishburne) Based on the best-selling novel by Maria Semple, the film depicts an anxious, eccentric and not-very-nice mother who was once a celebrated architect but hasn’t worked in 20 years. When her beloved daughter asks for a family trip to Antarctica, mom says yes, then disappears — leaving her daughter to find clues to where she went and who she really is.

YESTERDAY PG-13/Musical Comedy/Dir: Danny Boyle (Himesh Patel, Lily James, Sophia Di Martino) A young man wakes up in an alternate universe where no one has ever heard of the Beatles or their music. Unable to believe it, he takes full advantage of the situation and becomes a worldwide music phenom enjoying all the hedonistic joys his position deserves. But being a decent guy, he is unable to leverage his newfound position to the max.