Former U.S. Congressman "Tip" O'Neill was famous for saying, "All politics is local." I am voting for Jonathan Fulford to represent Waldo County voters in the Maine State Senate because he exemplifies the deep wisdom behind O'Neill's remark. Fulford has personally knocked on thousands of doors across our county, has listened more than talked, and heard what residents of all ages and from all walks of life care about most. Jonathan is not an ideologue. I have watched him walk up to a double-wide trailer and spend 20 minutes inside while I turn the car around and prepare to drive him to the next address on our list. He walked back to the car, sat down and said, "Well, I don't know that I got their vote, but they wanted to talk and I was there to listen."

Jonathan Fulford is the person I want to represent Waldo County in Augusta - because I believe he can represent our interests and needs best.

Andy Stevenson, Belfast