The Summit executive retreat at Point Lookout Resort and Conference Center in Northport (Photo Courtesy of Point Lookout)
The Summit executive retreat at Point Lookout Resort and Conference Center in Northport (Photo Courtesy of Point Lookout)
The owners of Point Lookout Resort formally ended their search for someone to lease large portions of the Northport resort and conference center, but they plan to keep some of the facilities open.

A November 22 letter sent to Point Lookout employees said a request for proposals was sent out to a dozen interested parties, tours were given to seven different people and the original response date was extended. “Despite that effort, the Hirschfelds did not receive any proposals to lease the property,” the letter read.

David and Tami Hirschfeld paid $7.2 million for the 387-acre mountainside complex in March and contracted with Portland-based Olympia Hotel Management to run the resort and conference center. The family planned to live on a portion of the property and renovate “The Summit,” Point Lookout’s 18,000-square-foot mountaintop executive retreat, as a residence. Speaking in September, they said it was never their desire to run the resort. They had planned to keep it open, they said, but learned only after they bought the property that the business was unsustainable.

In September, responding to public concern about their plan to close Point Lookout, the couple did a press tour and took out ads in multiple publications seeking someone to lease the remaining resort and conference center facilities. Two months later, they reported some interest but no offers.

The Hirschfelds still plan to offer 30 cabins as vacation rentals, according to the letter, and the fitness center, which at the time of their last interviews was to be run by their daughter, will remain open. The family plans to begin advertising to lease the Copper Pine Café and Bowling Alley in early December “in a final attempt to keep portions of Point Lookout open.”

“We are saddened that the effort did not produce any proposals,” David Hirschfeld said in the November 22 letter. “We hoped there would be more interest in the property so that it could continue to operate as a resort. Our family wanted to share this news with you as soon as possible so you could begin making your plans following this announcement.”

Reached by phone that day, the Hirschfelds’ publicist, Crystal Canney, declined to say whether the end of the call for proposals means the remainder of the resort will close at the end of the year as previously planned. Point Lookout currently employees 45 people.

Canney said the resort continues to be operated by Olympia Hotel Management, a division of The Olympia Companies, a national hotel management company based in Portland. A representative of the company did not immediately respond to requests for comment.