Thank you, Lance Tapley, and The Free Press, for this very detailed coverage of the issue. While I am not directly affected by it, I am saddened for the people who will be, if it happens. Which, as I read the piece, is not a done deal. Contrary to what supporters say, Maine benefits nothing except maybe a few dollars off their electric bill, if that.

The article tells of all the powerful interests and lobbyists that are trying to make this happen. This quote from the article: “There are 249 lobbyists currently registered with the state. There are only 186 legislators. Roughly two-thirds of the lobbyists represented corporations. There is a chance that the Legislature could pass a bill killing the corridor, particularly since opponents include both Democrats and Republicans. Three of the bills — LDs 271, 1363 and 1383 — would allow local control over the corridor. Also the possibility of a citizens-initiated referendum to block the corridor's creation.”

So I hope that people who have influence here will get involved.

Silvia Shanahan, Camden