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Monday, March 25, 2019
  • A Landscape-Scale Vision Takes Hold in the Camden Hills
    As spring arrives in the Camden Hills, snowmelt drips down slopes and runs down streams into Mirror Lake and Grassy Pond, high-elevation water sources that supply roughly 6,600 area households. Gravity-fed water has linked ...
  • Sen. Angus King: A Newly Complicated Tax Season—
    Tax season can be a confusing time for many Americans, who are left to fill out complicated forms, decipher deductions, and try to make sense of a far-too-confusing tax system. This confusion is likely to be even worse this year, because ...
  • Home & Garden: Growing in Boxes
    Two years ago I found five Earth Grow boxes at a yard sale in Florida. For those unfamiliar with this gardening system, these boxes look like large plastic window boxes but come with a plastic screen that fits inside, creating a ...
  • Chasing Down the Great American Eclipse of 2017
    Apparently, planning a trip where the ultimate goal is to intersect with the Great American Eclipse along its very narrow “path of totality” requires a bit more planning than getting into the car with a valid credit card and a can of Pringles to munch on along the way
  • Rockland Debates Ambitious “New Urbanism” Ordinance
    Once upon a time, Rockland and other large towns and cities across Maine were built for pedestrians. Neighborhoods were more densely populated and closer to the downtown. Residents could easily pop down to the local hardware . . .
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