Gov. Paul LePage says he intends to move to Florida to take a teaching job when his term is up in January. The governor made the comments at a campaign event for Republican US Senate candidate Eric Brakey in Augusta after being asked what he’ll do if Democrat Janet Mills wins (which she did).

“I’ll be a resident of Florida if Janet Mills wins,” said an unusually cheerful LePage. “I’ll also be in Florida if Shawn Moody wins because I’m going to retire and go to Florida. I’m done with politics. I’ve done my eight years. It’s time for somebody else. If the people of Maine elect Janet Mills then the people of Maine have spoken and she will be the governor and I wish her well.”

The governor said that he is currently talking to “a couple of universities” and negotiating a job, so he’s not ready to say where he will teach. But in a number of radio interviews in the past few weeks, LePage said that he had discussed taking a job at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. During the press event, the governor said he will become a resident of Florida because the job would be from September to April, but in the next breath he said he is moving to Florida for tax reasons.

“I’ll tell you very simply, I have a house in Florida. I will pay no income tax,” said the governor. “The house in Florida’s property taxes are $2,000 less than we were paying in Boothbay. At my age, why wouldn’t you conserve your resources snd spend it on your family and not taxes?”

But as James Myall of the Maine Center for Economic Policy noted, in Ormund Beach, Florida, where the governor once owned a house, the mil rate is 19.79 mils, more than twice the rate of Boothbay, which is 9.3 mils.

“Since the Maine governor’s pension is just $26,000, this isn’t exactly an example of wealthy tax flight,” tweeted Myall. “It’s possible that with that and Social Security, he and Ann would have zero or very little state income tax liability. Still, nice to know he begrudges even that to Maine.”

The governor also did not say what subject he will teach, but Twitter troll “Ru Paul LePage” noted the governor’s notoriously loose grasp of history: “A few lucky Florida university students may soon have the opportunity to spend $50k a year to learn about the 7,600 Mainers who fought for the Confederacy to defend their land rights in the Civil War.”