On Tuesday Gov. Paul LePage went on WVOM radio to make his final push against the five citizen referendums on the November 8 ballot. The governor said he was “shocked” to hear about a recent University of New Hampshire poll of 761 randomly selected Maine voters that found a majority supported all five referendums. 

The governor called Question 4, which would gradually increase the minimum wage from $7.50 to $12 per hour by 2020, the “biggest attack on the elderly in the state of Maine” that would push seniors into “severe poverty.” When asked what he would do if Question 4 passes, the governor said he would leave the state. 

“I would say we need to move south. It’s hopeless,” LePage replied. “If they put in a $12 minimum wage I’m going to ride it out and when the next governor’s being inaugurated, I’ll be at 37,000 feet. I just don’t see any hope.”

The governor added that he would be unlikely to make a run for the US Senate against Sen. Angus King if the referendum is successful. “I’ll tell you, if the people of the State of Maine don’t care about the State of Maine and the prosperity of the State of Maine,” he said, “maybe it’s time to start looking elsewhere because I really think prosperity is what drives an economy, not entitlements.”