Gov. Paul LePage said on Tuesday that he may run against Gov.-elect Janet Mills in four years if she doesn’t expand Medicaid “sustainably.” The lame duck governor made the comments during his weekly appearance on WVOM radio in response to Mills’ pledge to implement the law on January 2. The governor made the dubious claim that the law will cost nearly four times what nonpartisan state analysts have suggested.

“If she does not do it sustainably I will run against her in four years,” said LePage. “We’re the same age, so we could have a good time.”

Last week, LePage said he was planning to move to Florida to avoid Maine’s income taxes, but said he would still summer in Maine. But in the radio interview he said he and his wife are now discussing staying Maine residents to make another run for the Blaine House. Under the Maine Constitution, governors may serve an unlimited number of terms as long as they don’t serve more than two in a row.