With a record number of calls and constituent correspondence coming into his offices, U.S. Senator Angus King reportedly pitched in to answer the main phone line in his Washington, D.C., office last week for approximately a half hour. According to King’s office, the calls predominantly focused on cabinet nominations. “It’s encouraging to see so many people in Maine and across the country taking an active role in the democratic process,” Senator King said. “Voicing concern to elected officials is fundamental to the strength and spirit of our democracy. Many people asked what they could do, and here’s my advice: Keep engaged, keep involved, and keep in touch.” According to his office, on average, Senator King receives about 2,500 messages per week from people from Maine. Last week, he received over 20,000 messages from people across Maine.

To contact your federal representatives:

Senator Susan Collins, (202) 224-2523;

Senator Angus King, (202) 224-5344;

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, (202) 225-6116;

Congressman Bruce Poliquin, (202) 225-6306.

To contact your state representatives:

Governor Paul LePage, 287-3531;

Senate President Michael Thibodeau, 287-1500;

Senate Democratic Office, 287-1515;

Senate Republican Office, 287-1505;

Speaker of the House, Rep. Sara Gideon, 287-1300;

House Democratic Office, 287-1430;

House Republican Office, 287-1440.