Gov. Janet Mills appears to be adding a jolt of optimism to Maine’s electorate. A recent poll by Critical Insights of 619 registered Maine voters found a positive pivot in their feelings about their home state:
  • More feel the state is headed in the right direction (34 percent) than did last fall (25 percent), while 28 percent feel the state is on the wrong track.
  • Of those who believe the state is headed in the right direction, most attribute that feeling to the election of Gov. Mills (60 percent).
One of Gov. Mills’ first actions upon being sworn in was to install a new slogan — “Welcome Home” — on road signs at the state’s southern border. Under Gov. Paul LePage, the signs read “Open for Business.”

The spring poll also compared several slogans used over the years to promote the state, including:
  • The Way Life Should Be
  • Vacationland
  • Welcome Home
  • Worth a Visit, Worth a Lifetime
  • Discover Your Maine Thing
  • Open for Business
By a wide margin, respondants preferred “The Way Life Should Be,” with almost half (47 percent)?citing it as their favorite of the six.

In a nationwide poll of the same slogans, the 1,500 respondants showed a slight preference for “Discover Your Maine Thing” (27 percent), followed by “Worth a Visit, Worth a Lifetime” (18 percent), and “The Way Life Should Be” (16 percent). Ten percent preferred “Welcome Home.”

“Luckily slogans aren’t everything,” wrote Bob Domine, president of Critical Insights, “and signs can be replaced more easily than governors.”

Critical Insights on Maine is a semi-annual, nonpartisan tracking poll launched in 1996 as a public service to Maine residents, businesses and governmental decision-makers.