Representative Jeffrey Evangelos (pictured), who represents Friendship, Waldoboro,Washington and part of Union, disclosed that he has been diagnosed with leukemia and inoperable prostate cancer. He issued the following statement early this week:

Fourteen months ago it was discovered that I have leukemia. In August of 2018, further tests and biopsies revealed an aggressive cancer in the prostate. Since January 2, I have been going to the Alfond Cancer Center in Augusta for radiation treatments. I feel great and am pleased that my doctors get me out of my treatment each morning by 9 a.m., plenty of time for me to arrive at my desk in the House of Representatives, which goes into session at 10 a.m. I promised my voters that I would once again score perfect attendance for them, something I have done during five years of service, never missing a day. In three weeks, the first phase of my treatments will conclude, and I look forward to the test results after that. I honestly believe that the adrenaline of public service helps keep me healthy, and I hope this disclosure gives others the hope and faith that this disease has to be fought with the same optimism and grit that our New England Patriots fight with. A good attitude and a fighting spirit are key here. I’ve sponsored some very important legislation this session, and I want my constituents to know it is full speed ahead for us as we move through the legislative session.