Following is Congresswoman Chellie Pingree’s statement on the Trump Administration’s proposal to undo President Obama’s Clean Power Plan:

“From the wildfires raging across the West to tick-borne Lyme disease spreading across Maine, it’s clear that we ignore climate change at our own peril. Yet that is exactly what the Trump Administration is doing here by rolling back some of the best strategies we have for stemming the tide of power-plant carbon emissions.

We can’t keep putting pollutants into our air at such a rate and not expect to pay with our health, homes, and livelihoods. President Trump’s own EPA reports that undoing these rules will result in as many as 1,400 premature deaths because of the airborne toxins it will lead to. That screaming red flag should bring this proposal to an immediate halt, but there are many others as well—halted innovation and lost clean-energy jobs among them. I will fight against this proposal however I can in Congress.”