Collins: “Will Continue to Analyze the Impact”

Senator Susan Collins released the following statement on Tuesday on President Trump’s revised executive order:

“The President’s new immigration executive order addresses some of the concerns I had with the original ban. For example, the new order now exempts green card and visa holders, permits Iraqi translators and others who assisted our military to enter our country on Special Immigration Visas, and eliminates the ill-conceived religious test that was included in the previous executive order. I will continue to analyze the impact of the executive order.”

King: “President Should Improve Counterterrorism Partnerships with the Muslim World”

Senator Angus King released the following statement on Monday on the new travel ban:

“President Trump’s original travel ban was a serious policy mistake and legally questionable — and that he needed to issue a new, revised ban only underscores that fact.

A deliberate strategy of ISIS and other extremist groups is to create a divide between America and the Muslim world in order to drive Muslims towards their brand of extremist violence and terrorism. Unfortunately, the President’s travel ban, even with its revisions, continues to risk playing into that strategy, which I believe will result in the weakening of our national security — not the strengthening of it, as the President intended.

Rather than sow divisions that will pose dangers to national security, and punish innocent families seeking refuge from violence, the President should work to improve counterterrorism partnerships with the Muslim world and also work with Congress to further strengthen entry and exit procedures, like the visa waiver program, which I continue to believe represents a serious security vulnerability.”

Pingree: “Wrong and Un-American”

“It is deeply unsettling that without rationale President Trump has arbitrarily chosen to ban immigration from six Muslim-majority countries and halt refugees from seeking safety here. Over the weekend, we saw on Twitter how little President Trump relies on evidence to inform his snap decisions as Commander-in-Chief. His revised executive order banning refugees and immigrants from six Muslim-majority nations is another case of irrational judgment. Given that there are no Trump hotels in the six Muslim-majority nations effected by this order, it is troubling that he would sign an order that will impact thousands of lives, but not his bottom line.

The impact of his first travel ban was destructive to communities across Maine and the nation. In Portland, a 20-year-old Iraqi immigrant named Banah Al-Hanfy, whose father served as an interpreter for the U.S. military in Iraq, was stranded and left in harm’s way because of President Trump’s erratic, irrational, and inhumane travel ban. While I am glad stories like Banah’s have put pressure on the President to take Iraq off the travel ban list, his new executive order is no less harmful to our national security or the fabric of America. Immigrants build our nation and keep Maine’s economy moving. It is wrong and un-American to ban people from coming to our nation to build a better life.”

Poliquin: “Improve Our Nation’s Efforts to Protect the Homeland”

“It appears the White House has worked closely with our national security agencies, officials from our State Department, and legal counsel from the Justice Department in crafting this executive order to improve our nation’s efforts to protect the homeland. It is important to note this is a temporary halt on visas and the refugee program for the purposes of improving screening measures to keep citizens safe. I have consistently supported efforts to increase border security and to put in place effective processes to ensure that no suspected or potential terrorists are allowed to cross our borders.

As a nation of immigrants, we must also always uphold our core American values of inclusion through legal and secure immigration processes. I am pleased to see there is a system in place to deal with case by case waivers so there is a process allowing those to enter who should pose no threat. I look forward to working with my Republican and Democratic colleagues in Congress and with the White House in putting the safety and security of America’s homeland and Mainers at the forefront of national security.”