Pingree: Republican Health Care Plan Will Cost Older Americans, Uninsured and Women More

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree released the following statement on Monday in response to the House Republican plan to replace the Affordable Care Act:

“The Affordable Care Act has saved thousands of Mainers from losing their lives or going bankrupt simply because they got sick. Republicans have had seven years to come up with an alternative health care plan that preserves the progress we’ve made under the ACA — one that would not take us back to a time when only those who had employer-sponsored insurance or a clean bill of health could get coverage. But after all of this time, they’ve come up with a plan that will cost older Americans up to five times more, charge the uninsured 30% more to buy coverage, defund Planned Parenthood, cut Medicaid significantly, and still has no price tag. I look forward to an open debate on this proposal and expect my Republican colleagues not to forget the millions of Americans for whom the Affordable Care Act has been a lifesaver, including thousands in Maine who’ve shared their stories with me.”

In January, Congresswoman Pingree asked her constituents to share their ACA stories and more than 1,000 were submitted. To read a sampling of those stories, visit

Poliquin: Legislation Will Bring Health Care Relief for Tens of Thousands of Maine Families

“Tens of thousands of Mainers are suffocating under the spiking ObamaCare monthly premiums, co-pays, and deductibles while other health insurance options continue to shrink. Congress must act to fix this. This new plan will bring much-needed health insurance relief to the American people while keeping the promises made to them. This legislation will retain coverage for those with pre-existing health conditions; make sure insurance companies sell health insurance to everyone who wants it; and offer to keep young adults on their parents’ policies until age 26.‎

This new plan will bring Maine’s positive experience with health insurance reform to the national stage. It will remove impediments in the ObamaCare law that prevent insurance companies from offering an array of plans at different prices. We want the young and the old, those in good health and those facing health challenges all to be able to afford the health insurance plans that fit their needs. Our goal is to make sure everyone has access to health care when they need it. I will continue to work hard with Republicans and Democrats to make sure we achieve this.”

Sen. King: Very Discouraged by This Proposal

U.S. Senator Angus King issued the following statement on Tuesday:

“At first glance, I’m very discouraged by this proposal. Although the bill maintains some important protections — ones that were first implemented by the Affordable Care Act, I might add — it would more than likely force Maine seniors and low-income folks to pay higher costs and ultimately would result in more people being uninsured than we have now. That’s not health care reform, and it’s certainly not what President Trump promised when he said that the bill would offer affordable coverage for everyone. As I have said all along, we should offer meaningful improvements to the Affordable Care Act — not tear it down and jeopardize health insurance for tens of thousands of people.”

Ed. Note: As of press time, The Free Press had received no reply to our request for a statement from Sen. Collins on her reaction to the House Republican plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.