" “This huge giveaway to polluters will cost lives.” "
Following is Maine Conservation Voters’ response to Tuesday’s announcement from President Trump and Acting Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler regarding their plan to dismantle the Clean Power Plan:

“President Trump and Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler are at it again as they try to eliminate the Clean Power Plan. Simply put, this ‘Dirty Power Scam’ is another attempt to deny Mainers the cleaner air and clean energy economy we all deserve. As a former coal industry lobbyist, Andrew Wheeler is continuing Scott Pruitt’s dangerous policies to put corporate polluters ahead of our health and safety.

Mainers suffer from higher asthma rates than the national average and Maine is the tailpipe of the nation for dirty air produced in other states. And Maine’s marine economy is being negatively impacted by the warming water in the Gulf of Maine. Coming on the heels of their proposed rollback of the Clean Car Standards, eliminating the Clean Power Plan would dismantle America’s only federal limits on carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants — a major source of the pollution that exacerbates climate change. This is one of the Trump administration’s most blatant attacks yet on clean air safeguards that protect our health, our communities, our climate, and our future. Everyone has a right to a safe and healthy community and this huge giveaway to polluters will cost lives.

By the Trump administration’s own estimates, the Clean Power Plan could prevent as many as 4,500 premature deaths each year by 2030, and previous estimates found it could provide up to $54 billion in health and climate benefits.

The Clean Power Plan is the result of extensive public engagement and enjoys strong public support. It encourages investment in cleaner, safer energy sources like wind and solar, which creates jobs and drives economic growth. The Clean Power Plan should be made stronger, not gutted with a Dirty Power Scam that will cost lives, exacerbate climate change, and slow the transition to cleaner, safer energy sources.”