Last week, legislative leaders provied local midcoast legislators with their committee assignments. Below is the list of the committees local lawmakers will be serving on in the upcoming session.

Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry: Chloe S. Maxmin (D-Nobleboro) and William D. Pluecker (I-Warren). 

Criminal Justice and Public Safety: Pinny Beebe-   Center (D-Rockland)

Education and Cultural Affairs: Janice S. Dodge (D-Belfast)

Energy, Utilities and Technology: David R. Miramant (D-Knox), Victoria W. Doudera (D-Camden) and Jeffery P. Hanley (R-Pittston)

Environment & Natural Resources: Michael G. Devin (D-Newcastle) and Stanley Paige Zeigler, Jr. (D-Montville)

Health and Human Services: Holly B. Stover (D-Boothbay)

Inland Fisheries and Wildlife: Stanley Paige Zeigler, Jr. (D-Montville)

Innovation, Development, Economic Advancement & Commerce: Erin D. Herbig, Chair (D-Waldo)

Judiciary: Jeffrey Evangelos (I-Friendship)

Labor and Housing: Scott W. Cuddy (D-Winterport)

Marine Resources: David R. Miramant, Chair (D-Knox), Dana L. Dow (D-Lincoln), Michael G. Devin (D-Newcastle), Genevieve McDonald (D-Stonington), Sherman H. Hutchins (R-Penobscot)

State and Local Government: MaryAnne Kinney (R-Knox) and Jeffrey Evangelos (I-Friendship)

Taxation: Ann Higgins Matlack (D-St. George)

Veterans and Legal Affairs: Erin D. Herbig (D-Waldo)