The Maine Arts Commission is commemorating the 200th anniversary of Maine statehood by administering $375,000 in grant funding on behalf of the Bicentennial Commission for community events and projects through the year 2020.

The Bicentennial grants will be supplemented by matching funds from private corporations and individuals. Up to 10 percent of the funds will be set aside for grants of $500 or less, and at least one grant of up to $10,000 will be available for each of Maine’s 16 counties.

Grant applicants should focus on Bicentennial-themed projects that benefit the public, such as parades, historic preservation efforts, lectures and curriculum. The commission will consider grant applications from Maine community nonprofit organizations, such as historical societies and libraries, government entities and schools. Private individuals and for-profit corporations will also be welcome to apply, in partnership with a nonprofit entity. Projects can be on any scale.

Additionally, the Arts Commission will be awarding a special commission for a composition of an original piece of music to be performed at the Bicentennial Celebration in 2020.

Application deadlines will cycle through three rounds, with deadlines September 1, 2019 and February 1 and June 1, 2020. All funds must be expended no later than March 30, 2021. Complete information is at For general questions about the application or review process, contact Kerstin Gilg, director of grants and accessibility, at or 287-6719.