Efficiency Maine, a quasi-state agency that administers programs to improve the efficiency of energy use and reduce greenhouse gases, will extend its electric vehicle rebate program, the EV Accelerator Program. Efficiency Maine estimates it has sufficient funds to help defray the cost of approximately 2,500 EV purchases in the next year; 25% of the funds are reserved for income-eligible buyers.

Efficiency Maine estimates the vehicles added with these funds can save Maine drivers a total of $2 million per year in fuel costs, and more than $18 million over the lifetime of the vehicles. Those same vehicles will prevent an estimated 82,000 tons of carbon dioxiode from being emitted over the course of their on-road lifetimes.

The funding for next year’s rebate program comes from a one-time $5 million payment received from the settlement of the New England Clean Energy Connect project, approved by the Maine Public Utilities Commission in May 2019.

Efficiency Maine programs provide instant rebates for eligible battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles at 66 participating car dealers in Maine. The standard rebate is $2,000 for a BEV and $1,000 for a PHEV. Higher rebates are available for low-income customers, government entities and select nonprofits. To learn more, visit efficiencymaine.com/electric-vehicle-rebates.

Information about EVs, EV rebates and EV charging can be found by visiting efficiencymaine.com/ev, where those interested can also find a guidebook, “How to Select and Install a Home Electric Vehicle Charger,” an instructional video about different ways to pay for a charge at any public charging plug and a charging station locator.