Rockland Parks and Recreation Committee plans to install cigarette butt collection containers in an effort to keep cigarette litter out of parks and harbors.

The Parks Committee will be installing the first receptacles this summer, purchased using funds donated by local residents, in the parking lots or entrances to some of Rockland’s parks. The initial rollout will be monitored and assessed for performance, ease of use and optimal locations, and the committee hopes to add more in the future based on data gathered.

Discounted group pricing is available for those wishing to install a container on their property; they are made from stainless steel, are easy to mount and clean, and cost under $50 each. Individuals or businesses are invited to sponsor a public station, and donations of any amount are welcome.

Cigarette butts are the most numerous item found in community cleanups worldwide, and Rockland is no exception. Making it easier to dispose of butts safely will reduce litter, prevent water pollution and help keep Rockland’s land and waters healthy.

To make a donation or join the group purchase, email