Senator Chris Johnson, a Democrat from Somerville, remained the winner in the recount of the District 20 Senate race between Johnson and Les Fossel, an Alna Republican. District 20 includes all of Lincoln County, plus the towns of Friendship, Washington and Windsor.

The official recount for the Johnson-Fossel race was held Tuesday, November 20, in Augusta. The Secretary of State's office confirmed Johnson as the winner (10,943-10,772) with a 171-vote lead just after 5 p.m.

Fossel requested the recount, which initially declared incumbent Johnson the winner by just over 100 votes.

In another midcoast race, Brian Jones, a Democrat from Freedom, remained the winner in a recount of the election results for the District 45 race for the Maine House of Representatives, which includes the Waldo County towns of Burnham, Freedom, Knox, Montville, Palermo, Thorndike, Troy and Unity.

The recount was requested by the incumbent Ryan Harmon, a Palermo Republican, when election-night results put him 33 votes behind Jones.

The recount of the Jones-Ryan race was held Monday, November 19, in Augusta. The final results (2,253-2,222) confirmed Jones as the winner.

Recounts of 14 state races were requested by the losing candidates after the election, 12 of which have now been decided. None of them have overturned the results.

The remaining two recounts include another midcoast race: House District 51, representing Bristol, Damariscotta, Edgecomb, Newcastle, South Bristol and Monhegan Plantation.

Michael Devin, a Newcastle Democrat, was declared the Representative-elect winner of House District 51 on election day with 91 more votes than Alan Pinkham, a Damariscotta Republican. The Devin-Pinkham recount will be held Monday, November 26.