Last Friday's recount of results from the general election in State Senate District 11, which covers Waldo County, confirmed that Republican Michael Thibodeau is the winner. Jonathan Fulford (D) requested the recount after unofficial results from Election Day indicated that he had lost the election to Thibodeau by 105 votes, 8,961 to 9,066.

At the conclusion of the recount, which was conducted in Augusta under the supervision of the Secretary of State's Office, it was determined that Fulford received 8,974 votes, while Thibodeau received 9,109. Thus, Thibodeau remains the winner.

In another recount on Tuesday, Republican Cathleen Manchester of Gray appears to be the winner by just 11 votes in the Senate District 25 race. On election day, unofficial results showed Democrat Catherine Breen of Falmouth winning by only 32 votes. However, according to the Secretary of State's office, nine ballots are still being disputed and seven ballots are missing. A special Senate committee made up of five members from each party will be formed to review the election results before making its final recommendation to the full Senate.

If Manchester maintains her lead, Republicans will increase their majority to 21 seats in the Senate and Democrats will drop to 14. However, a final decision on the election could be delayed until January. In the meantime, Breen will be seated temporarily until the committee finishes its work.