Waldo County Republicans voted Tuesday night, February 14 in favor of censoring Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster for not including most Waldo County Republican caucus results in the state tally.

The Maine GOP?announced that Mitt Romney bested Ron Paul by 194 votes in the state tally. Maine caucuses are non-binding straw polls.

Ray St. Onge, the Waldo County GOP chairman, said a motion was made at Tuesday night's meeting to ask for Webster's resignation from the state committee for clerical errors that left many towns in the county out of the state tally. The motion was quickly amended to ask for a milder rebuke: a letter from the Waldo County GOP to the state GOP requesting that Webster be officially reprimanded at the state committee meeting on March 10.

Webster said clerical errors were at fault for not including caucas results from Waldo County and elsewhere in the state. The clerk tallying the results assumed she had all the results from Waldo County, when she only had a handful of towns. When Belfast called in with their caucus results, representing most of the towns in the county, the clerk told them she already had the numbers.

"She just assumed they were repeating numbers," said Webster. "There were a couple of cases where that happened. Waterville got left out, too."

Webster said he was pleased with the work of his staff, but that mistakes happen.

"I?am not going to throw them under the bus," he said.

Webster also came under fire for not including Washington County in the state tally. Washington County had to postpone their caucus due to snow.

"I?don't see any benefit in doing anything over or sending out new and improved numbers," said Webster, noting he is convinced the missing votes would not change the outcome of the caucus results.

"The election is over. The winner is the winner," he said. "If there was the potential to have enough numbers to change the winner I?would have called an emergency meeting for the state committee."

"I just would like to see the clerical errors fixed," said St. Onge.

Webster said they had been, but the state GOP website still shows zero counts for most Waldo County towns.