The foundation for the new Super-Walmart in Thomaston was installed in early January, with the precast concrete walls to follow, according to Thomaston officials. Steel beams and the roof are scheduled to be completed by the middle of March.

The Super-Walmart building, which will be located behind Dorman's Dairy Dream on New County Road (Route 1) in Thomaston, is scheduled for completion August 24. The inside of the store will be finished and stocked for a grand opening planned for October 16, 2013.

Stormwater-management systems have been monitored by Gartley & Dorsky, a Camden engineering and surveying firm. As of mid-January, Gartley & Dorsky had submitted 20 inspection reports to the Town of Thomaston.

The project has, so far, been monitored by town assessor David Martucci, with assistance from Scott Bickford, a licensed plumber and building inspector. The new code enforcement officer, William Wasson, will also be monitoring the project. However, the town has sought third-party quotes from Dirigo Engineering and Gartley & Dorsky to complete inspections on the Walmart project, as needed.