Republicans in District 47 (Rockland and part of Owls Head) met Tuesday, July 20, and chose Rockland resident Ted Cowan to replace Mike McNeil as the candidate to run for state legislature in this November's general election.

"I was kind of a place-holder to give us an opportunity to find a candidate," said McNeil. "Putting in a place-holder is not uncommon."

McNeil withdrew before the July 12 deadline required by the state and, if the candidate confirmation paperwork is filed with the Secretary of State by July 26, Cowan will be on the November ballot as the Republican candidate.

Cowan will run against Ed Mazurek of Rockland, the Democratic incumbent.

Cowan is involved in the Tea Party movement and helped draft the conservative Republican Party Platform that was adopted at the last minute at the state convention in May.

A career merchant marine who retired in Rockland, Cowan said he became politicized as a result of the economy and out of self-preservation.

"I feel like we are headed for disaster," he said. "I was out collecting petition signatures for LePage for Governor and I saw the anger and the fear of the status quo."

"People asked me to run and I believe strongly in citizen legislators," said Cowan. "I see it as a civic responsibility."