Maine's Speaker of the House Hannah Pingree and Kennebec Technologies owner Charles "Wick" Johnson will serve as the chairs of Libby Mitchell's campaign policy committee. Mitchell, president of the Maine Senate, is the Democratic candidate for governor.

All of her opponents in the June Democratic primary - former state conservation commissioner Pat McGowan, business owner Rosa Scarcelli and former Maine Attorney General Steve Rowe - have joined her campaign and will head up three of the campaign's five policy subcommittees.

Rosa Scarcelli and Charles "Wick" Johnson will lead her Jobs & Economic Development policy subcommittee; Pat McGowan and Adam Lee, owner of Lee Auto Malls, will help advise on Energy & Environment policies; Steve Rowe and Terry MacTaggart, former chancellor of the UMS (Univeristy of Maine system), and Marjorie Medd, who serves on the UMS board, head the education subcommittee; Dr. Maroulla Gleaton and Speaker Hannah Pingree will head the Health Care policy subcommittee; and Jeremy Fischer and Elizabeth Reuthe will lead the government reform policy subcommittee.

"I am honored to have such a distinguished group of Maine people leading my policy teams. I would like to give special thanks to Hannah and Wick. Their talents will be invaluable as they lead these conversations," Mitchell says. "By engaging in a discussion with business leaders, citizens, and industry experts, these groups will help enhance the policy agenda I am presenting to voters. I look forward to hearing their ideas on how to create more opportunity for Maine people."

According to Mitchell, the central themes of her policy agenda include creating jobs by providing tax incentives that attract investment for Maine businesses, lowering health-care costs by providing incentives for prevention, ensuring that regulations allow responsible development without adversely impacting Maine's natural environment, reducing the dropout rate by expanding the Jobs for Maine's Graduates program to every Maine school, establishing a small business ombudsman, requiring all political appointees to file financial disclosures, and lowering energy costs by making Maine a leader in the development of renewable power.