On the November 8 ballot, the residents of Cushing will make choices related to four areas of interest in the town.

A Wind Turbine Ordinance is proposed to limit wind turbines to a maximum of 80 feet tall. Wind turbines that meet the height requirement will be required to meet sound limits at the property lines. Those limits will not support large commercial wind turbine installations in the Town of Cushing. As a point of reference, the three commercial wind turbines on Vinalhaven are over 250 feet tall.

A proposed Site Plan Review Ordinance sets standards for new non-residential land uses. It includes restrictions for drug dispensaries. Existing uses, fishing home occupations, forestry, and agriculture uses are exempt from the proposed standards.

A revision to the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance is proposed in order to add a requirement that an applicant for a non-residential land use in the Shoreland Zone must notify abutting neighbors. In addition, the definition of a Fishing Home Business has been changed to allow three employees instead of two. Changes to comply with Maine Department of Environmental Protection are also included in the revised ordinance.

A revision to the Public Road Ordinance clarifies requirements for road names, signs, and traffic control devices.

The full text of all four documents appears on the Cushing web site at www.cushing.maine.gov.

Ordinances in Cushing are drafted by the Ordinance Committee based on priorities set by the Select Board. Draft ordinances are reviewed with the Select Board, Planning Board, and other involved Town Boards and Committees prior to Public Hearings.

Ordinance Committee Chairman Eric Anderson says, "We believe that the ordinances on the November ballot are consistent with our mission to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents and property owners of Cushing."