Regarding Mr. Roskin’s May 31 column, there is no question that the Russians succeeded in interfering with the election process. The question is why and what are we doing about it? Did Mr. Trump collude with the Russians in exchange for some favor or did the Russians act independently. After all, they are just an oversized third-world country with a nuclear force. It is limited in ways to retaliate for sanctions, not to mention the role it is left to play in world affairs.

Let’s suppose there could be an alternative reason. Wasn’t former President Clinton paid a half a million dollars to give a speech in Russia while millions of dollars flowed into the Clinton Foundation by Russians through a Canadian foundation. Do you think that Mr. Putin may have been upset, that in return, Secretary Clinton supported Putin’s opponent during his election?

The measure of his success continues well after the interference was perpetrated. We have a protracted investigation spawning other investigations and viscerally dividing the country. I hope the investigation is thorough and whatever the outcome, the country is healed.

Ted Raia, Camden