The Portland Museum of Art’s PMA Films has added several selections to its roster of films for streaming. Partnering with exhibitors and distributors, PMA is renting retrospectives and first-run content to the public; a portion of proceeds benefits the museum. Newly available are:

“Atlantis,” directed by Valentyn Vasyanovych. In English and Ukrainian with English subtitles. Not rated. A prize-winner at the Venice Film Festival and Ukraine’s official selection for the 2021 Academy Awards, sci-fi drama “Atlantis” is set in eastern Ukraine in 2025, which has become a desert unsuitable for human habitation. Sergiy, a former soldier, meets Katya while on the Black Tulip mission, which is dedicated to exhuming the past. Together, they try to return to some sort of normal life in which they are also allowed to fall in love again.

“My Little Sister,” directed by Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond. In English, German and French with English subtitles. Not rated. In Switzerland’s official submission to the Academy Awards, Lisa, once a brilliant playwright, no longer writes. She lives with her family in Switzerland but her heart remains in Berlin, where her twin brother Sven is a famous actor. Although Sven is ill with an aggressive type of leukemia, Lisa does everything in her power to bring him back on stage. She neglects everything else and even risks losing her husband. Her marriage goes awry, but Lisa only has eyes for her brother, who reflects her deepest longings and awakens in her the desire to be creative, to feel alive.

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