The Colonial Theatre in Belfast is offering films for streaming from its website. Those who buy virtual tickets will have several days to watch the films. Ticket prices vary; half of ticket revenue is earmarked for the theater’s future full-scale operation. Recently added to the lineup is:

“Antigone,” directed by Sophie Deraspe. Inspired by the Greek tragedy by Sophocles, the film depicts a young woman’s commitment to her family, even if it means sacrificing herself. The Algerian-born teenager, living in Montreal with her immigrant family, is devastated when her oldest brother is wrongfully gunned down by police during the arrest of her other brother who, if convicted, faces deportation. She invents a fearless, dangerous plan to free him. As Antigone’s predicament intensifies and the consequences of her actions spiral out of control, the film engages contemporary questions of immigration and belonging, social media and identity and the power of idealism.

Visit to view the film.