The Colonial Theatre in Belfast is offering films for streaming from its website. Those who buy virtual tickets will have several days to watch the films. Ticket prices vary; half of ticket revenue is earmarked for the theater’s future full-scale operation. Movies recently (or soon-to-be) added to the lineup are:

“Five.” Five films about entrepreneurs — “Harfa,” “Justice of the Pies,” “Onganic Foods,” “Sarah’s Bag” and “Talento Incluir” — follow five women from five countries across the globe who have each set out to start a purpose-driven business to improve and uplift their communities.

“Women’s Adventure Film Tour 2021.” A collection of short films featuring women of all ages and backgrounds including women in snow sports, mountaineering, high lining, swimming and mountain biking.

“My Darling Supermarket” is a witty portrait of a grocery store in São Paulo, Brazil, that follows the day-to-day lives of its employees. Humor, drama, mystery, romance — and quantum physics — coexist alongside milk cartons, meat cuts, barcodes, and security cameras as these individuals try to subvert the mundane and cope with the drudgeries of low-wage labor.

“The Inheritance” weaves together the history of the MOVE liberation group, the Black Arts Movement and the filmmaker’s own formative experiences in a Black Marxist collective. The film, described by director Ephraim Asili as a “speculative re-enactment” of his time in a West Philadelphia organization, centers on a young man who inherits his grandmother’s house and, with the encouragement of his girlfriend, turns it into a Black socialist collective where community forms the basis of family.

Visit to view the films.