We ask you to join us in voting Yes on Question 1. Maine’s legislature is a citizen part time legislature made up of ordinary working people. It is comprised of small business owners, loggers, teachers, farmers, retirees, lawyers, veterans, insurance agents, policemen and women, firefighters and more. It also spans the ages of 24 to 84. Most hold full time jobs outside the legislature. This diversity is valuable in bringing many points of view and experiences that enhance the full representation of our state when making decisions.

The majority of legislators of all parties choose to be “Clean Election Candidates,” meaning we all have an even playing field in campaigns and a limited amount of money to spend. It diminishes the influence of money from outside our communities and our state. Many legislators, including ourselves, would not have run if we had to dedicate many hours raising campaign funds. Having limited state funding allows candidates to focus on the issues and spend time talking with constituents.

Strengthening the Clean Election laws enhances Maine’s ability to keep big money out of our local politics, helps citizens run for office who otherwise would be unable, and continues to ensure a diverse and varied legislature of working people, not professional politicians.

Former Senator Chris Rector (R), Thomaston; Representative Joan Welsh (D), Rockport