In her column and letter opposing the Question 1 ballot initiative Paula Sutton wallows in her own hogwash. Unless they are not paying the slightest attention most people know that big money donors and corporations have corrupted the politics of our state and country.

To claim otherwise is a deliberate effort to deceive the reader. Public funding of Maine’s state government elections had worked well until a U.S. Supreme Court decision invalidated a portion of our Clean Election Law. The Clean Election Law had relieved candidates from the necessity of seeking donations from big money interests and incurring future obligations to said donors. Elected Representatives wind up obligated to these big money interests, not to the people who elected them. Question 1 will remedy that invalidation if enacted in the upcoming election.

Donald Trump cynically exposed the role big money plays in politics in the Fox News debate when asked about 

his donations to Democratic candidates and liberal causes. He said words to the effect that he donates to all politicians including on stage opponents. Then when he later calls those politicians they listen to him with the direct implication 

they owe him favorable treatment. Not one of his opponents rose up to deny Trump’s contention. Their silence leaves 

no doubt that big donors control their actions and votes. How Sad.

Voters should consider whether they want to continue a system which is corrupted by those with the money to purchase influence or to vote YES on Question 1 so that our Representatives are beholden to the people who elected them.

Steve Melchiskey, Camden