This is not just a challenged President. This is nothing short of a corporate/military coup that appears more fascist every day. This is a tsunami! It also did not just pop up overnight. It is the result of decades of deliberate organizing by right wing conservatives. Trump is simply surfing the moment to bask in the attention and feather his nest. This agenda of dismantling government and the safety net will do damage to people and the environment.  

However, the backlash of resistance is growing to such proportions, that not only will the coup fail, but the progressive momentum it has inspired will be an even larger tsunami of peace, justice and sustainability. This growing dynamic and often Indigenous-led resistance is a broad coalition of activists in all sectors. The line is drawn in the sand. The coup absolutely must fail — and soon — for two reasons.

The primary reason is that the window is closing on our chance to possibly keep climate disruption from precipitating a collapse of the life support carrying capacity of the Earth over the next few decades. The second reason is that in order to craft an international collaborative strategy in response to this existential threat, there must be global cooperation. The infantile climate denial and the accent on militarism, isolationism and saber rattling coming from the Trump administration is counterproductive to the focus and rapport that is required for cooperating on this monumental task.

Peter Baldwin, Brooks