Here’s a copy of what I sent to Island Institute when I found out there will be more cell cabinets on top of their wonderful historic building downtown Rockland. Do you (the public) know about this?

Hello Rob Snyder,
is this A-OK with all of you?

The proposed cell tower next to Pizza Hut may be defeated. Huge turnout Tuesday night at planning board meeting.

I am very proud of our citizens. They spoke and jampacked the room. I have been working daily to stop this proposal since I first got notification from the Rockland code office on Oct. 26. It has changed my life. It has become a priority … to stop exposure to cancer causing cell emissions.
I have done tons of research about something I knew very little about. Now I know “too much.”

If there’s anything I can do to be helpful, please let me know.

Having a historic building like you do has been known to be able to legally prevent such cell cabinets atop a building such as yours with historic fame.

Ananur Forma, Rockland