So, the NorthernRain Band concert and Liberation Institute charity fundraiser and silent auction held on August 26, what a great night. First of all we need to thank all of the great businesses who were gracious enough to get behind such an amazing cause. Your donations for the silent auction went a long way. I was humbled by such an outpouring of generosity sometimes we don’t see on the surface. Thank you so very much.

Secondly, thank you to St. George River Cafe. As always, Fanny and Ann are always behind anything that helps people come together with one purpose to love. The food is always great! The NorthernRain Band plans to continue to come alongside the Liberation Institute. There are already whispers of another charity show in Portland. Keep your ears open, and most of all, the great folks that came out to support all of us. Your support and donations made it all worthwhile. Raising awareness for this great life changing nonprofit is the best reward one could ask for. Thank you.

Thank you to all the busineses who donated to the silent auction: Schooner Bay Printing, Samoset Resort, Lord Camden Inn, Rankins Hardware, 18 Central, Tiffany Studio, Thos. Handmade Furniture, The Music Center, Maine Sport, The Owl and Turtle Bookstore, K2 Music, Prism Marketing, The Admiral’s Buttons, Fresh Off the Farm, Uncle Willy’s Candy Shop, Scarlet Smile (, Liberty Graphics, Fireside Pottery and Camden Jewelry.

John Norwood, The NorthernRain Band