I have been frustrated by your silence to questions I have asked in an email sent to you four times regarding the nomination of Mr. Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court — three times to your office in Maine and once hand delivered to your office in Washington, D.C. You have been unresponsive and the time has arrived to question your sincerity and good will towards your constituency. I am therefore attaching this letter to the local newspaper in hope that you might understand my concerns. Your silence regarding any commitment to asking pertinent questions about his past actions and current intentions is chilling and unacceptable. Following is the letter sent to you previously:

“Noting that Mr. Brett Kavanaugh now has second thoughts and regrets concerning his renewed involvement under the tutelage of Kenneth Starr on his second pursuit of the sitting president, presenting charges of lewd sexual behavior after the Whitewater investigation was dropped by Congress, and after telling an audience at Georgetown University Law Center, ‘It makes no sense at all to have an independent counsel looking at the conduct of the president.’ Would you feel justified asking Mr. Kavanaugh directly at the upcoming hearings if he will state unconditionally that he would not again have second thoughts if the overturn of the law created in the case of Roe v. Wade is contemplated by the Supreme Court? Can you as my Senator commit to asking that exact question and if not, please explain to me and the voters of the State of Maine, why not?”

Jerry Lieberman, Damariscotta