Representative Paul Ryan’s healthcare plan is the real total disaster, not Obamacare. Here we sit in our eighties, in the oldest county in the oldest state and see medical costs and insurance premiums go up and up forcing many of us to struggle with rising costs no matter what healthcare we have.

We are told time after time by some that Obamacare is a “total disaster.” We are told that we need to scrap (repeal) it and replace it with a plan that will extend coverage, be better and less expensive. Look at the Ryan healthcare plan. The Ryan plan will decrease coverage. The Ryan plan will offer less. The Ryan plan will increase insurance premiums.

So then, if the Ryan plan decreases the number of people covered, increases insurance premiums and offers fewer benefits we would say that it’s the Ryan healthcare plan, not Obamacare that’s the “total disaster.”

Wake up people — follow what the Ryan healthcare plan actually means to us, our families, our friends and our neighbors. It’s easy for an egotistical braggart to tell us, without proof, that the Ryan plan will be “much better” but will 

it? No!

For years some have claimed that they had a better healthcare plan even before they had a plan we could see! Now that they finally have a plan we can see that it’s actually worse than Obamacare! Contact your Congressional representatives and tell them what you think before the Ryan plan is raced, yes raced into law in the next few short weeks.

Dave and Ellie Taylor, Boothbay Harbor