March 11 is the sixth anniversary of your earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accidents, that created a terrible, deep unrelenting crisis. You beg for our attention; we humans who so loved you and saw to your creation. We pretend you don’t exist. You are not like your siblings, no mushroom cloud, no red phone needed, or war created. Your explosive fever boils quietly into the soft cradle of Earth; we parents ignore you. The Pacific Ocean tries to cool your fever down, but our leaders bicker in their giant playgrounds. Those that walk and work each day try to keep up with their tasks and keep their fears at bay.

Let us each take courage moment by moment and demand that our leaders from every country support an Olympics in Japan, also honoring teamwork and creating peace and friendship amongst all peoples, but this one made up of scientists, engineers, innovative and courageous peoples, to find and implement solutions for Fukushima. Our children depend on it and we cannot wait.

M. West, Union