by nature constituents come and go
while institutions endure
as art outlives the artist
the constitution the founding fathers
such is democracy
compounding two fragile sacred trusts
the voter and offices filled
a peoples’ government
neither yours nor mine nor those elected
our oath-object creation
an entity beyond any one individual
given life by humans sworn
and duty-bound
and free
with heart these free select who leads
the tweaking of the laws
that keep all free in reciprocity
a mighty cyclical leap of faith
where wisdom is the key
the logic at least of homo sapiens
to choose in their best interest
honorable teachers as surrogates
inspirations of character conscience integrity 
not mission-distorted fraud and corruption
of stereotypical hack politicians
preserving self-serving sinecures
yet sad to say it has come to this
reTrumplicans reduplicans no longer republicans
but aberrational partisans
of a loyalty blindedly skewed
a cult of personality
in support and defense of a Teflon despot
in place of national principle
hijacked hostages derelict of duty
as guardian-wards of the great experiment
denial lies and ignorance perversity transparent
six senators six score representatives
approved the clamor of insurrection
instead of the voice of the people
237 to 197 the tally for impeachment four
an enlightened majority then betrayed by 43
just when most needed unity in collapse
pandemic depression inequalities
faithless state a laughing-stock
but another extinction in process

Phelps Bristol, Owls Head